Monday, August 4, 2008

Slimming Products in the Philippines

Nowadays, lots of slimming drinks are available in the Philippine market. These come in different forms: ready-to-drink, capsule and powdered drink. Below is a list of these products.

1. Fit 'n Right

Fit 'n Right comes as a ready-to-drink product. It has 3 flavors - Pineapple, Four Seasons and Apple. One serving (330 ml) of Fit 'n Right contains 300mg of L-Carnitine. It costs Php18.00.

Advantages: ready-to-drink, level of L-Carnitine is high.
Disadvantages: contains 90-120 calories per serving, sugar content is quite high too (20 g - 25 g), i think they are not using the pure L-Carnitine

2. Nature's Harvest FAB

Nature's Harvest FAB is also a ready-to-drink product. It also contains 300 mg L-Carnitine, 100% Vitamin C and is a good source of fiber. It comes in 4 flavors - Orange, Mango, Pineapple and Dalandan. One serving of Nature's Harvest FAB is 355 ml and it costs Php18.00.

Advantages: ready-to-drink, level of L-Carnitine is high, good source of fiber
Disadvantages: contains 180 calories, sugar content is high(41g)

3. Slimfit

Slimfit is a fruit powdered drink which comes in 2 flavors - honeydew and tropical fruit. It contains 150 mg Carnipure (the purest L-Carnitine), 50 mg Teavigo (EGCG) and 2 mg All-Q (CoQ10). One sachet of Slimfit is good for 200ml glass of cold water. Slimfit costs Php12.00.

Advantages: handy, has higher level of Teavigo (EGCG) compared to others, has CoQ10, uses Carnipure (the purest L-Carnitine which does not contain any D-Carnitine), sugar free, calorie free, caffeine free
Disadvantages: only 2 flavors, you still need to dissolve it in cold water

4. Fitrum

Fitrum is available in capsule form and it costs 12 pesos/capsule. Each capsule contains 50 mg Carnipure (the purest L-Carnitine), 25 mg TEAVIGO (EGCG) and Lactose q.s. The recommended use is 3 capsules/day.

Advantages: handy

Disadvantages: has lower amount of L-Carnitine and EGCG compared to others

5. Biofitrim

Just like fitrum, Biofitrim comes in capsule form. It contains 25mg L-Carnitine and 25mg Green Tea Extract. It costs 7.50 pesos per capsule.

Advantages: handy, lower price compared to other slimming products

Disadvantages: has lower amount of L-Carnitine and EGCG compared to others

6. Hydrotrim

Hydrotrim is an orange flavored powdered drink. It contains super citrimax made from natural extract of Garcinia Cambogia. As far as I can remember, Hydrotrim costs about Php 40-60 per sachet.

Advantages: I don't know if containing super citrimax will be an advantage of Hydrotrim
Disadvantages: expensive, only one flavor, you still need to dissolve it in cold water

7. Kankunis

Kankunis is a herbal slimming tea. It contains senna, shiu sen tea and malvae.

Disadvantages: will make you rush to the toilet

8. Slenda

Slenda is available in capsule form. It is an all-natural product that contains Resveratrol, EGCG, Banaba and Turmeric. Slenda costs Php 12.00.

Advantages: handy

9. Xenical

Xenical is a capsule designed to treat obesity.

Advantages: effective - you will really see the fats that has been flushed from your body
Disadvantages: messy (you always need to wear napkins or diapers to avoid your underwear from being oily), has bad side effects, expensive, you still need to take fat soluble vitamins and nutrients since absorption of these nutrients is prohibited by when taking xenical

10. Nestea Fit

Nestea Fit is a powdered slimming drink which comes in Litro Pack. It contains 300 mg of L-Carnitine per 330 ml of water. Each sachet is good for 3 servings and it costs 17.50 pesos per sachet.

Advantages: has higher level of L-Carnitine, handy
Disadvantages: you still need to dissolve it in water, contains only L-Carnitine (does not even have Green Tea Extract which is proven effective for losing weight), has only one flavor


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