Monday, August 4, 2008

Rice&Oats Premium

Rice&Oats Premium is just new in the Philippine market. Actually, it is the first one of this kind that is locally produced. But there are products like this that are being sold in Healthy Options. And yes, they are quite expensive.

From the name itself, Rice&Oats is made from rice and oats. But not just from an ordinary rice and oats. It is made from wholegrain rice and fiber rich oats.

Rice&Oats Premium comes in two flavors - Veggie Asparagus and Light-Sugared Cinnamon. Well, I like the Light-Sugared Cinnamon. Light-Sugared Cinnamon tastes like a real cinnamon. And the good news about this is that even if you have diabetes, you can still eat this because it contains very little sugar. So how come it uses few sugar yet it tastes sweet? Well, that is because they uses Splenda. Splenda is a zero calorie natural sweetener. I also tasted the Veggie Asparagus. It is also delicious but I think that this flavor will click more on older people. It tastes like a real vegetable. And I rarely eat vegetable especially asparagus that's why I like more the Rice&Oats Premium Light Sugared Cinnamon.

Rice&Oats Premium is still considered a snack food but compared to regular snack foods, it can be considered a healthy snack. Why is it so? Because Rice&Oats Premium is baked not fried unlike chips & cornicks usually sold in our market. It also has zero trans fat. Trans fat has bad effects on cholesterol level and may cause an increase risk in coronary heart disease. Rice&Oats Premium can also be considered a healthy snack because it is MSG free, gluten free, caffeine free, fiber rich, low salt and has no cholesterol.

Rice&Oats Premium is not just a healthy snack. It is also a guilt-free snack. Actually, you can eat this even if you are in a diet because it contains Teavigo. Teavigo is a pure and natural Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) from green tea extract. It is a caffeine free antioxidant that can increase fat oxidation and enhance body's metabolism. Rice&Oats Premium is also good for all day snacking.